Contra Info Links

What is a contra dance?

            Contra Dance Primer ~ The Hamilton, Ontario Country Dancers excellent contra dance primer.

            Contra Dance Culture ~ A more detailed Hamilton, Ontario Country Dancer contra dance primer.

            Online Videos of Contra Dancing ~ Short YouTube excerpts of contra dancing across the USA.

Where can I find a dance? 

            AZ Contra ~ PHXtmd’s list of contra dances in Arizona.

            Contracorners ~ Dwayne Johnson’s great site to find contra dances in the USA.

            DanceDB National Grid (by day of month) ~ Another good site by Ted Crane.

            Festivals, Camps, & Weekends ~ Charlie Seelig’s list of festivals, camps, and weekends.

What is a contra dance gypsy?

            [definition: Contra Dance Gypsy - A contra dancer who will travel many hours, hundreds of

            miles, and cross state lines to attend contra dances while on vacation or not!]

Who are some local & national organizations affiliated with contra dancing?

            CDSS ~ The Country Dance and Song Society. An umbrella organization for most contra & English dance organizations in the USA

             and Canada. 

            NEFFA ~ The New England Folk Festival Association.

            The Lloyd Shaw Foundation ~ Dedicated to the preservation, restoration and teaching of the folk dances of America.

            National Folk Organization ~ ​Formed in 1986 to preserve, promote and provide opportunities in the folk arts..

            Lavender Country and Folk Dancers ~ An umbrella organization for gender role free dance clubs.

            The Irish Cultural Center ~ The goal of the Irish Cultural Center is to provide the public with the

             highest quality educational and cultural programming. The Center is owned by the City of Phoenix and is operated through

             public private partnership with the Irish Cultural and Learning Foundation.

What are some resources for contra dance information?

            Articles, Essays, and Animadversions on Dancing ~ Compiled by Kiran Wagle.

            Contra Dance Resources, Dance Compositions, and Indices ~ Produced by Charlie Seelig.

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