If you don't see the payment page after you click Submit, make sure you entered all the needed information,  shown by the asterisks. Then click Submit again. You will be transferred to the Payment page after you submit all the required information.

Click on the Payment menu tab if you need to return to the Payment page at any time. 

You must register to attend the mini-weekends! You may cancel your registration before January 1, 2018 for a refund, minus $5.  There are several scholarships available to help with the price of admission for folks under age 26 and some discounts for anyone willing to prepare and serve snacks during dances. Registration is in order received and we do not balance genders or dance roles.

E-mail weekend@phxtmd.org if you are interested in a youth scholarship, a snack volunteer discount, or have questions about the Frolics or registration.

Frolics Registration Fee:

Youth (26 and younger)
Winter Frolic

1) Fill in and one registration form per person. You will be able to register additional dancers before paying online or by check.

2) Click Submit. You will be taken to the payment page. If you don't see the payment page, please make sure you have provided the required information and click Submit again. If you need to return to the payment page after submitting your registration, click here or on the 'Payment' menu tab.

  Frolic Registration