The Free Raisins are an energetic trio, fusing New England musical traditions with a modern groove. The band features Audrey Knuth on fiddle, Amy Englesberg on piano, and Jeff Kaufman on mandolin and trumpet. Hailing from the Boston area, they came together in the summer of 2010 through their love of dance and music. Recently, they compiled the best tracks from their Summer 2012 East Coast tour and released it on CD and digital download. Drawing from involvement in various aspects of their local dances, the Free Raisins see the dance as a whole, adapting their music to best fit the situation. They are right with you as you stomp on the balances, weave through the heys, and gaze into your partner's eyes.

When the Free Raisins are on stage, you're guaranteed to get your two scoops worth!

Each FROLIC features 9 hours of dancing to music and calling from nationally recognized talent. You'll dance with other dancers from around Arizona and the Southwest to great music, delightful calling in a wonderful hall with lots of room to move.

Carol has been calling traditional contras and squares since 1990, and regularly calls at weekends and festivals across the U.S. and abroad. Carol’s enthusiasm has made her a world-renowned caller. When she's not calling, you're likely to find her fiddling, taking photographs, singing, quilting, dancing, or examining beach sand through a hand lens.

Since 2005, she has also been playing fiddle for dances. She is an expert in the musician’s role in dance production which augments her expertise in writing dances, calling, and, of course, dancing. She has written several articles on calling, and two books of dances.

Carol is a wealth of information on organization building, as well. She has been on the Board of Directors for Folklore Village, the renowned regional folk arts organization in Dodgeville, Wisconsin, and for the Country Dance and Song Society.

Free Raisins

Carol Ormand

Winter Frolic,  Jan 12-13, 2018